Supporting Multigenerational Co-creation and Social Activities
by Enhancing Learning Analytics Platforms

In this project, we engage in research and development of learning-support ICT that helps various kinds of people to acquire new skills efficiently in different contexts. One of the project’s objectives is to pave a way to future business solutions that help older and/or unskilled adults to acquire and share new skills.

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  • Invited talk at Wuhan University on September 2019
  • Presented research results at HCII International Conference held in Orlando, Florida on July, 2019
  • International Symposium Learning Analytics And Adaptive Aids for Active Adults At All Ages (LA9) was held on March, 2018
  • Keynote speech at Gerontechnology Symposium held in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on September, 2018
  • Keynote speech at Asian Workshop on Smart Sensor Systems held in Munakata City on March, 2019
  • We held a tablet workshop for elderly people using our learning analytics system on February, 2018